—More Explosions, Fire at Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant

Alan Boyle: Cosmic Log – Clearing up nuclear questions
Cosmic Log – Clearing up nuclear questions.
Pray for the people at the Fukushima plant, as well as the Japanese people in general. At least 11 were injured in the second explosion, and some are being treated for radiation exposure. The pressures on government and regulatory officials must be incomprehensible. It isn’t getting any better.

The third major explosion at reactor 2 seems to have damaged a toroidal structure called the “suppression pool”, which is part of the containment structure.

“…there was concern that the No. 2 containment shell may have been breached. “A leak of nuclear material is feared.”” Outside radiation levels have since risen to “levels that can damage human health. ”

Now we are hearing that there is a fire at reactor 4, even though that reactor is inactive. I saw something about its spent fuel storage pool being ignited somehow, but that isn’t verified anywhere else that I could find.

It also looks like the water in the spent fuel storage for reactor 1 is leaking out, probably due to damage from the earlier explosion.


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