—NISA: Meltdown Caused Nuke Plant Explosion [Fukushima] [on SU]

[Nikkei.com via @Drudge_Report on Twitter]- 2011/03/13 01:04 – Meltdown Caused Nuke Plant Explosion: Safety Body
[Michael Yon—on Twitter and Facebook—has been warning since at least yesterday that Japanese government officials are concealing the extent of the disaster unfolding at Fukushima]

The Japanese government and the Tokyo Electric Power Co. continue to be “disingenuous” about the disaster at Fukushima in the wake of the horrific destruction of Japan’s unprecedented earthquake and tsunami. Government officials continue to claim that disaster has been averted, and radiation levels are now falling.
[via @Drudge_Report on Twitter, I think?Sorry, this was via Michael Yon on Facebook] http://is.gd/aC6hba

On the other hand, according to the report from the Japanese nuclear safety agency, NISA, fission products [radioisotopes of Cesium and Iodine] were found outside Fukushima Dai-ichi reactor No. 1 before it exploded. The agency concludes that the reactor’s core has already melted, and that is what caused the massive hydrogen explosion that destroyed the reactor building.

Video from the Associated Press [via LATimes and others] http://is.gd/EZDBFV appears to show a violent shock wave expanding vertically from the reactor buidling, and large debris flying away at high speed.

The Japanese people have suffered an unimaginable tragedy, and are now being lied to about the extent of the disaster at Fukushima.


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