—Life as We Know It

[Oh, well—not going into the professional ministry or running for elective office, so I might as well get this over with.]

Life, the Universe, everything—Incalculable glory, limitless fascination, beauty beyond human understanding—But there is something terribly wrong with it.  Everything is imperfect, and it dies.   Do you know why you have a macula in your eyes?  Because your retina is inside out—the blood vessels and interconnecting neurons are between your lens and the light sensors.   The macula/fovea is a workaround in which this “stuff” is pushed to the sides of a little depression so that you can form a sharp image in one small area of the retina (predatory birds like hawks, as I recall, actually have two).   I suppose we don’t have to dwell on the fact that everyone we have ever known personally somehow ends up in a graveyard. 

The squabbling about what these things means is likewise seemingly endless.  One side peruses the entrails of the created things, and demands an entirely stochastic genesis.  Another group vivisects every punctuation and article of second- or third-hand translations of the account of Creation written by Moses, and insists that the Universe is a static diorama of the handiwork of a fully comprehensible God.   Stochastic evolution, cosmic expansion, dust on the Moon, wood from the Ark….

What does the Bible say about “life as we know it”?  We’re not who  (Romans 3:23 http://bit.ly/bT6HNO ), what  (1 Corinthians 15:50-52 http://bit.ly/cvLriE ), or even where  (Genesis 3:22-24 http://bit.ly/8ZkX74 )we’re supposed to be.   I don’t have the  answer to these questions, but I know Someone who does.   Perhaps He will explain what’s going on here at a time of His choosing.  In the meantime, Jesus left us instructions, and an assignment (Matthew 28:18-20 http://bit.ly/9rC5or ).


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