—Steve is Dreaming

Most of you are too young to understand that reference.  Fortunately, this isn’t about you.

This is genuinely weird.  I have been working with an exercise trainer at the gym for several weeks now, and the unaccustomed physical exertion is affecting mind as well as body.  I experienced some difficulty sleeping for several nights, and almost continuous dreams while asleep.

So, I spent most of one night in a dream about working intensively on endlessly complex machines and circuits which turn out to be attached to a number of large pods.  As I’m talking to someone who is supposed to help me finish connecting everything, the pods begin to open—to reveal clones of characters of the original Star Trek series—starting with McCoy.

As I’m fleeing in terror from this vision of pure horror, Bruce Willis stops me in the hall.  He offers me a sub from a gigantic Super Bowl spread he has set up in an open room.  It has a substance I think was guacamole packed with sliced jalapenos, but he criticizes me with his usual tough-guy humor for letting some of the mini-marshmallows fall out on the floor.   Blessedly, I wake up to realize it was all a dream.

The brain is a bizarre place.   How did this stuff get in there? 


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