—A Driving Experience in Anchorage, Alaska

As I was driving South from Anchorage, Alaska, I saw some debris on the Seward Hwy. in the right lane. Ahead, a truck stopped completely in the left—the fast passing–lane. I thought he might have blown a tire, so I continued rather than completely blocking the road. Then I saw the large moose on the right shoulder, just before he decided to step into the roadway directly in front of me. I swerved hard into the left lane, then had to swerve hard back into the right lane to miss the truck stopped dead on the left. The center line had a film of ice and compacted snow, and the SUV is a bit top-heavy and has a very soft suspension, which made everything more interesting than I usually prefer. I’m sure the automated traction control helped, but it seemed to compensate a little behind the real-world events. If I had instinctively slammed on the brakes in the process, I probably would have rolled it at least once. I couldn’t see far enough behind me to see if everyone else on the road missed the animal, and the truck driver and I both eventually went on our respective ways.

Thankfully, it has been a somewhat less memorable Christmas Eve than it might have been. At least I didn’t spill the lattes….


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