—The Whole Glen Beck Thing

8-25-09 video

Parts of the presentation are maybe a bit melodramatic, but the implications are clear:  the Obama administration and powerful lawmakers are surrounded by, immersed in, and apparently often consist of radical extremists, Marxist-Leninist ideologues, and purveyors of social theories that would have exceeded the suspension of disbelief of an average audience had it appeared in any of the standard 20th Century dystopian fiction.  If there is a rational counter-argument, or a plausible demonstration that this is all being blown out of proportion somehow, let’s hear it.  But it is the reasonable responsibility of the citizens of a Republic to require answers to these questions. 

I have been advocating an open, mature discussion of health care reform and other issues facing the Nation, free of partisan bickering, cheerleading, boycotts, tirades [by the President of the United States!] against average citizens as paid-off flunkies, and 3rd-grade-level ad hominem taunting. There are ways for the grown-ups to talk about these matters constructively on Twitter and in other places on the Internet.  Even if consensus isn’t possible, at least we could return to a basic respect for the requirements of a free society.  The alternative may very well be National extinction. 


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