—Celebrity Medicine?

Extremely famous people don’t seem to fair well when they get sick, especially when they fail victim to mental illness. 

Howard Hughes, for example, suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder, together with an addiction to codeine.  [The Aviator]  [Howard Hughes – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]  But instead of obtaining treatment for the underlying causes of his bizarre behavior, his associates simply went along with Hughes’ demands. 

By some accounts, the examiners who conducted Michael Jackson’s autopsy were alarmed by the amount of scar tissue in his face.  Someone in a position to know better has been regularly reinforcing Jackson’s obvious,  pathological obsession with self-mutilation, eventually transforming the singer’s appearance into that of a hideous marionette. 

The motives in these cases can only be guessed, but they were not the welfare of the patients. 


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