—Inauguration of the Century

Hope, Expectations Soar Ahead of Obama Inauguration | Political News – FOXNews.com

It will be the most expensive, overmarketed, and hopeful inauguration in the history of the American Presidency.  There are commemorative Obama plates, commemorative quarters with Obama’s likeness painted next to Washington’s, and doubtless hundreds of other souvenirs of the would-be 44th president that I’ve managed to tune out the ads for.  Obama, in the absence of any material evidence to the contrary, is being compared breathlessly to Lincoln.  There has been much other journalistic rhetoric that will only reach its critical mass of social embarrassment in later months and years:

[From FoxNews.com’s video of a report on a Media Research Center analysis of media excesses in 2008]


Chris Matthews, on MSNBC’s “Hardball”, attests that listening to Obama speak gave him a “thrill up his leg”.  How do we know that this is objective journalism?  Matthews says so.

…and Nancy Gibbs of Time magazine literally finds that Obama is not only a new messiah, but a superior and improved class of messiah:

“Some princes are born in palaces, some are born in mangers, but a few are born in the imagination, out of scraps of history and hope.”
November 17–Nancy Gibbs, Time Magazine

It is a pity that the Obama Memorial won’t be ready in time for his oath of office.  Maybe they could just stand a bunch of those Greco-Roman columns up around the statue until the dome can be completed. 

Obama has talked about Change, and Hope.  He has promised to talk about creating 2.5 million—no!—3 million—no, wait!—4 million jobs in his first 100 seconds in office.  He has promised to talk about fixing the world-wide economic crisis while continuing the popular trend established in the last few months of throwing hundreds of billions of non-existent dollars all over the place indiscriminately.  Why should we feel uncomfortable about the direction the new administration is taking before he gets into office?  Why are there so many people out there that don’t sense any problem at all?!

Why the rush to nigh-deify Barack Obama before he even gets to the White House?  Well, in a few months, probably about the time the paint on those shiny quarters starts to peel off, people are going to start to reach the uncomfortable conclusion that some of us have known for months—-that Barack Obama is exactly what his resume says he is;  a community organizer, whose entire skill set is his ability to manipulate the political system to win elections.  He has manipulated the political system to have himself elevated into the most critical executive position in the world on the brink of world-wide economic catastrophe whose scope is only beginning to be understood, together with a war on multiple fronts that sounds suspiciously like the kind of stuff that preceded that last two global wars.

Do opponents of Obama’s rise to power want him to fail?  Of course not— at least I certainly don’t.  The consequences of his failure to comprehend and deal with the multiple crises that face the nation and the world would be unimaginable, and if we were that irrational we would be out in the streets of Washington tomorrow in puppy-eyed adoration with thrills running up our legs with the rest of you.  Obama has made remarkable attempts to talk about reconciliation with political and social opponents.  He has invited Pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration over threats of homosexual activists to become outraged.  [Should Warren have agreed to participate?  Of course!  He will perform the service Franklin Graham did for the Nation at George W. Bush’s inauguration 8 years ago—someone needs to be there who is acquainted with the Truth.]  Why couldn’t we just wait to see if Barack Obama will unexpectedly turn out to be a statesman of honor, candor, and humility who will unite the Nation and correct its ills?

Because he’s already failed.  He has already demonstrated that he is of the same material as his predecessors, and threatens to mimic some of the worst of them.

How did he get to this point?  Surely no one can doubt that if Obama had selected a woman as his running mate, and anyone had suggested even privately that she looked like a cheap street-walker, or that she would benefit from being gang-raped, that the outrage would have resonated in the history texts of generations yet unborn.  Yet these things and worse were said very publicly in broadcast media about the vice-presidential candidate of his opponent.  Honor?  Candor?  Naah!  It was all about getting elected, and he had a plentiful supply of followers to do the vicious grade-school playground thuggery while he projected reconciliation and statesmanship. 

Who has he selected for his cabinet and advisors?  A surprising number of Clinton-era suspects seem to be making comebacks.  Of course, the replacement of Secretary of State Rice with Hillary Clinton in a time of unprecedented crisis almost has to be considered an example of capricious contempt for the welfare of the Republic. 

The Constitution?  Bill of Rights?  They are just obstacles to “social justice” to be maneuvered around. 

Then there’s the whole Blogojecvich mess.  When the story first broke, the Illinois Governor had been caught red-handed, in wire-tapped conversations in which he clearly discussed the virtual sale of Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder.  He was arrested, and was to be impeached as expeditiously as possible.  Anyone he had the effrontery to appoint to the Senate would, of course, be refused acceptance by the Senate.  We know that neither Obama nor any member of his staff had any inappropriate contact with Blogojevich about the Senate seat(albeit a step down from earlier assertions that there was no contact at all) , because Obama’s staff investigated itself and found that it had done nothing wrong.  Now, a few weeks later, they’re just not so sure that Blogojevich himself did anything all that wrong—and his appointee to fill Obama’s Senate seat has, against all odds, been seated as the Jr. Senator from Illinois.  If you need a secret decoder ring to figure out what’s going on, you just aren’t trying hard enough.

So why should I spend column inches in a weblog almost nobody reads to complain about a negative outcome that has already happened?  Setting aside my sociopathies and anger issues for the moment, it’s because I want to advocate change, and hope.  A primary thesis of this weblog is that human civilization doesn’t work.  I can think of few better demonstrations of this than tomorrow’s activities, as some Americans pour into the streets to celebrate an untested political solution to problems that, by their nature, have no political solution.  There is hope for change, but it isn’t going to come from the American Presidency.

Philippians 3:20 (New International Version)

But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ…


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