—Swift Boatin’ Obama?

An inconvenient video recording has surfaced of Obama revealing what he really believes, which is never politically astute:

Barak speaks to the NPR interviewer in 2001 about the failure of the Civil Rights movement to accomplish the infamous “redistribution of wealth” Obama desires, bound as it was (he says) by a Supreme Court unduly fettered by the Constitution and the intentions of the Founders….

…and I would be shocked….shocked!!…if this was anything new, if it differed from the current policy of the U.S. government in species rather than extent.  If our government and judiciary hadn’t already systematically vacated vast tracts of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and wasn’t already redistributing a third to a half of most Americans’ income, to such an extent that most Americans have come to view this as the normal process of government, I might become seriously alarmed. 

As it is, I’m just kind of tired.  I’m faced with settling for John McCain, because it should take our government longer under his administration to complete the conversion of the Republic into a wretched husk of its original intent than his opponent. 

What I really want to know is, how much is Joe Biden spending on wardrobe and makeup?—and hair implants?


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