The Obama campaign is hemorrhaging factuality:

Obama Praised ‘Searing and Timely’ Book by Ayers – FOXNews.com Elections

They are protesting that Obama didn’t really “review” the book, just provided a teeny little one-line blurb.

Unfortunately for the whole not-a-friend-and-confidante-of-an-unrepentant-domestic-terrorist angle, Obama—according to the article— is mentioned in the book itself, praised in the same paragraph alongside everyone’s favorite hate-projectile-vomiting racist Louis Farrakhan and his “neighborhood watch” group. 

At the same time, Joe Biden—the campaign’s senior gaffe-meister, is warning that Obama will face unprecedented tests early in his presumed presidency—not a welcome emphasis at this point by any means:
Biden: Obama Will be ‘Tested’ by World in First 6 Months of Administration – FOXNews.com Elections
Biden also compares the predicted reaction of an untested Obama administration to the coming crises to that of a similarly inexperienced John F. Kennedy in his early presidency. Unfortunately, Biden has apparently forgotten that JFK badly failed the test:

Unfortunately for the rest of us, this is the post-Clinton era in American politics, and the truth is only used as a campaign slogan.


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