My Way News – Dow plunges more than 678 to fall below 9,000

Wow!  It took maybe 20 years, but they finally managed to break the most robust economy in human history.  The apparently random fixes that Michelle Malkin just referred to on Cavuto’s afternoon show as “stimuluspalooza” aren’t slowing down the descent noticeably. 

As the resident (of this weblog, several steps below complete obscurity) simplistic generalist, let me sum it up once again—evil doesn’t actually work.  

This isn’t anything new, of course.  This stuff reminds me of the political techniques Julius used to end the Roman Republic.  The art of using other peoples’ money—or mortgages, or whatever— to buy your votes or consolidate power is kind of a recent development, but not an entirely new political genre, by any means. 

This is why Christians serve their country best by putting it second.  The  Federal Republic can, and will, be taken away from us sooner or later.  Somebody has to represent something that actually works, and lasts—forever.  The Truth is the only form of government that hasn’t been tried. 


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