—Congress, we have a problem….

To say the least, I’m sort of disappointed.

Now, I stopped taking the U.S. Congress seriously decades ago—as an agency for social reformation, and even as a responsible overseer of the general welfare of the Republic.  But this:

FOXNews.com – Lawmakers Blame Partisanship for Failed House Bill – Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum

My Way News – Stocks tumble as bailout plan fails in House

I’m surely as astounded as anyone to find that I’ve been unduly optimistic.   Not that the $700B+ USD financial bailout wasn’t pure evil, but House members on both sides have simply decided that the best alternative is to do nothing, then blame everyone else for the consequences.  Political expedience rules—as demonstrated by Pelosi’s heavy-handed demagoguing before the vote. The welfare of the Republic is down amidst the campaign slogans somewhere on the list of priorities. I’m so stunned that can’t even think of anything sarcastic to say….

I’m guessing the president will catch the worst of this, and we will probably come to suffer a couple of terms of the Obama-nator™ as a result.  I know GWB has made his share of mistakes—although probably no more than an average American President—but Bush’s main failing was just incredibly bad timing.  He has been in the office at the crux of a massive downturn of world civilization, and the crises of his tenure are unprecedented—except maybe for WWII,  and that will have to be debated by future historians in the light of whatever happens next.    Let’s see if I can even remember them all—he came to office in an unprecedented crisis in the U.S. electoral system, then 9-11, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and the prolonged multi-year fight against a determined and well-supported multi-national insurgency  in both, then  Katrina (and Rita),  and now a melt-down of the financial systems in the U.S. and the world.  Future historians may be also be able to figure out GW’s place in the ranks of American presidents after political expedience is no longer a factor, if that ever actually happens.


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