Post-Ike: Back in Houston

The news people are finally getting out of Houston and Galveston and looking at the East side of Galveston Bay:

As nearly as I can tell, the western eye wall passed over the middle of the Bay, somewhere East of the Hilton Hotel at Nassau Bay where one of the Fox News guys was.  Their weather people said the winds there didn’t subside completely as they would if he were in the eye itself.

About six miles NW of the North end of the Bay, we probably lost power briefly while we were gone, but we have water and power and no significant structural damage. I had palm fronds and broken glass in my front yard that didn’t come from our house.  Away from the marinas and bayside areas   where the storm-riding news media gathered, most of the damage seems to be superficial— missing shingles, broken tree limbs, and downed power lines.  Much of the reporting from the Clear Lake area was unduly apocalyptic.

Other places weren’t nearly as blessed.  Galveston has been seriously smashed up.  There is the possibility of health crises with broken water and gas systems and a horrendous infestation of mosquitoes. 

The first news video from the Bolivar Peninsula is really astounding.  The news ‘copter is currently flying over miles of communities where there is often nothing left but the pilings the houses were built on.  Even the debris of most of the buildings is completely gone.  These areas are still cut off, although some rescuers have gotten there with vehicles somehow.

There is little or no information out of Sabine Pass, Port Arthur, or western Louisiana.  We were told that people were being pulled from their roofs in Orange County, but this doesn’t seem to have been considered very newsworthy, as there is no information about where or when this happened, how many people were involved, or any images of what they were speculating about.


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