—History Repeats Itself Again

We’re back in San Antonio.  Ike is threatening to plow over the top of Galveston Island, then move up Galveston Bay into Clear Lake and Houston.  Predictions of severe wind and rain as far North as Dallas have a lot of the weather experts spooked.  Our area could experience a severe storm surge.  Galveston, a barrier island, could see 15-22′.  We’re seeing images of waves overtopping the Galveston seawall already—the storm isn’t due for landfall until tonight.
The path has “Northerned up” overnight.  It was thought that the center would land in Matagorda Bay, which might have been worse for us.  It seems to be repeating what happened with Rita in ’05, except that the evacuation of coastal and other vulnerable areas (including ours) has been far more competent.  We hit some heavy stop-and-go traffic, but nothing close to the freeway parking lots that we experience before Rita, when people ran out of fuel idling in stationary jams, or gave up entirely and went home.
Everyone has scattered North and West to be out of the way, except a few acquaintances and family members in Orange and Houston who stubbornly refuse to put up with the evacuations again. 


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