Gustav in Louisiana

FEMA issues flooding warning for New Orleans – Hurricane Gustav-

Gustav has apparently come ashore in Louisiana far enough West for the weather forecasters and reporters to begin to breathe a little easier. Unfortunately, we are getting the first reports now that the Industrial Canal is at its capacity and the water is still rising. [I thought they had flood control structures at the entrances to these intra-city canals.] Other stories include water flowing over a West-Bank levee and barges loose in the Industrial Canal.
Blessedly, the organization of evacuations, relief planning, and the public response are obviously far ahead of the horrific third-world nightmare that resulted from Katrina in ’05. While we heard of people being on the road for 12-14 hours to get from N.O. to the Texas border, and eight hours to get from Orange, Texas to Houston, at least the danger zone is now relatively unpopulated, and the risk of loss of life is far lower.


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