—The New Camera

Since we bought the 5 MP Kodak DX4530 digital camera, the technology has advanced somewhat. This is the camera we took to Europe, and used constantly for something like 3 or 4 years. It took pretty good photos and video, was compact and durable, and still works. There was the usual infuriating Kodak-ness to work around, of course, like the fact that they changed the docking connector on the bottom so that we couldn’t use it with the Kodak dock we already had, and the problem with their interpretation of MOV format which forced me to buy QT Pro to be able to edit the movies, and the stupidly designed lens cover that had to have been added by a high-level manager. The real problem now, though, is that it’s just obsolete.

So I went to Sam’s today and bought a Casio S10 for about $100 less than the Kodak cost originally. I was still steamed about the way Kodak treated us when we bought the last one, and it looks like they’re up to the same tricks with their new 12 MP compact cameras, so I decided to move on. The Casio is incredibly tiny compared to the old Kodak, but has twice the resolution, an LCD monitor about 4 times the size (it covers almost the entire back of the camera, leaving very little space to hold onto it), and a real lens system with a 3x optical zoom (it all retracts into about a 1/2 inch thick case, somehow). It also takes HD movies, which are probably better quality than our (also really old) video camera, albeit with mono sound.

We’re going to—I can’t believe this, either—Alaska this week, so the camera will get a pretty serious check-out. I’ve been learning to use it for a few hours, and the results are pretty good so far, as shown by this close-up of Sammi, the rotten little dachsund-labrador:sammi-close-up-0004.jpg


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