—Was it something I said?

This is an interesting statistic from the SiteMeter listings, which shows the ranking of the last 100 visits to SU by Entry Page:

Savage Utopia  Entry Pages Ranked by Visits (SiteMeter)
	                       Entry Page
  30 	     https://savageutopia.wordpress.com/2006/02/
  18         http://savageutopia.wordpress....-at-least-32-at-virginia-tech/
  10 	     https://savageutopia.wordpress.com/
  5 	     http://savageutopia.wordpress....pport-blues-and-other-stories/
  4 	     https://savageutopia.wordpress.com/2005/05/
  4 	     https://savageutopia.wordpress.com/2006/07/
  3 	     http://savageutopia.wordpress..../the-scariest-story-ever-told/
  3 	     https://savageutopia.wordpress.com/2006/01/
  3 	     http://savageutopia.wordpress..../2007/04/04/the-357-mph-train/
  3 	     http://savageutopia.wordpress....iament-tigris-bridge-attacked/
  2 	     https://savageutopia.wordpress.com/2005/07/
  2 	     https://savageutopia.wordpress.com/2006/08/
  2 	     https://savageutopia.wordpress.com/2006/12/
  2 	     http://savageutopia.wordpress....n-bellos-bikeless-gmail-paper/

Nearly a third of the last 100 visits to SU were to the February, 2006 archive. The front page of the weblog ranks a distant third. Since WordPress limits the available data from SiteMeter by precluding JavaScript use, I don’t know exactly what is drawing attention in that archive —although a couple of the posts are likely suspects…


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