–The Speaker-Empress and the Murdering Terrorist Tyrant

[Ok, as kids’ bedtime stories go, it probably won’t catch on. “They can’t all be gems.”]

My Way News [AP] – Pelosi Meets Syrian President
War is all Hell, and one of the greatest evils of human civilization. There are greater evils, however. They must be considered to include betrayal, treachery, and treason, particularly when conducted for such motives as self-aggrandizement, naked avarice, and person gain.
Oh…back to the news story…
Having bored herself with trampling on the seniority of U.S. House committe heads from her own political party, Speaker-Empress Madame Pelosi is meeting with Bashar Assad, having apparently determined that her personal Legislative Branch of the American government should usurp diplomatic powers from the Executive. From the context of the AP report, we may conclude that the Speaker-Empress is now negotiating the return of the Golan by Israel, and anything else that might keep the region in a state of chaos as long the opposing party is in the White House.

My Way News [AP]- Clashes in Pakistan Kill 60 Near Border
The Speaker-Empress Pelosi might want to get the lead out, however, as the tide may be threatening to turn in some places. Pakistani tribesmen in South Waziristan, apparently resentful of repression and murder at the hands of foreign militants, teamed up successfully last month to fight Uzbeki insurgents.


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