—Cartoon Terror, Iran/Iraq , U.S. Politics, Nobel Prize, and Other Stories

CN goes “viral”
FOXNews.com [AP]- ‘Suspicious Packages’ That Paralyzed Boston Part of Cartoon Network Marketing Campaign
Cartoon Network, purveyors of some of the most grossly perverted material currently to be witnessed on cable TV, shows what other depths the “Adult Swim” mentality can reach. Two have been arrested, so far, in a scheme to market one of the late-night animated cartoons by placing flashing signs of one of the characters—making an obscene gesture—in locations which would typify a terrorist’s strategy for attacking key transportation routes in a major metropolitan area, and without notifying the civil authorities of the “campaign”. Turner Broadcasting claims
it notified law enforcement in various cities of the signs several weeks ago, and CN posted a televised apology. Boston officials are contemplating further criminal charges, and want Turner to pay the estimated $750k in costs for the near-paralysis of the city.

Telegraph | News | N Korea helping Iran with nuclear testing
Having mastered nuclear weapons technology, NK is purportedly helping its little friends in the Middle East duplicate the effort. NK has, of course, vigorously denied this.

DESTROYED – NOT By MICHELLE MALKIN – Opedcolumnists – New York Post Online Edition : Video version: posted at 8:56 am on January 22, 2007
Malkin has been touring Iraq in person, taking photos of the largely intact mosques which the AP has recently reported to have been destroyed by politically-favorable sectarian violence. The mystery source which the AP has used for a lot of these lurid stories of Iraqi violence has been identified as an actual person, but just in case, the AP has stopped citing sources by name.

FOXNews.com[AP] – Senior Iranian Dissident Cleric Slams Ahmadinejad on Nuclear Diplomacy
The Iranian president is meeting increasing opposition to his incomprehensible policies of international brinksmanship from the people most likely to be able to stop him—-other Iranians.

Another DVR Moment….
My Way News[AP] – Clinton: U.S. Out of Iraq by January ’09
Former two-term co-President and hyper-intelligent international beauty Hillary Clinton has demanded that U.S. officially-President Bush end the Iraqi engagement before he completes his term. Later, in a horrifying pre-nightmare rendition of what would happen if she were actually allowed exectuive authority, Clinton swore up-and-down that if she were President in 2002, we would never have sent troops to Iraq, which as a U.S. Senator she voted to approve.
Later, Clinton had her very own, very presidential open-mike moment while trying to remember the National Anthem: YouTube – Hillary Clinton Sings National Anthem

FOXNews.com – Eye on ’08: Biden Comes Out Swinging Against His Democratic Opponents
Still later, Democratic Senator Joseph Biden—in a moment of unusal candor that he probably wishes he had foreshortened a bit—stated that Hillary’s alleged Iraq policy concepts “baffle me”. He also had way too much to say about Senator Barack Obama’s presidential bid, and has been trying to explain away his comments ever since.

FOXNews.com[AP] – Al Gore Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for Climate Change Efforts
Yep…about what we’ve learned to expect from the Nobel committee.

FOXNews.com[AP] – Kerry Blasts Foreign Policy, Says U.S. Has Become ‘International Pariah’
It’s campaign season again, and overt treason is politically fashionable, especially if it encourages the nation’s enemies to kill and injure its citizens. It’s all about leadership, dummies.


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