—U.S. Troops Respond to Kerry Outburst

This picture, from a U.S. National Guard unit in Iraq, shows a level of intellectual sophistication which Sen. Kerry and his colleagues probably didn’t expect: [found on http://www.drudgereport.com/]


4 responses to “—U.S. Troops Respond to Kerry Outburst

  1. If you’re still using the wp.com service then you might want to have a look at the location of the picture in this post.

    Unfortunately the picture is stored at blogger and they do not allow hotlinking of images across servers. You’ll need to move the image over here or onto something like flickr or photobucket for it to be visible to readers.


  2. I just imported the file, and haven’t worked on the photo imports to WP yet. I’m not having a particularly good experience with WP, though, and I will probably keep looking for a Blogger.com replacement.

  3. Great—now the picture is showing up, regardless.

  4. Thanks, WP_supporter, for reminding me to figure out how to set up comment moderation. Also:
    -What I do, or don’t do, with my weblog is none of your business.
    -It shoud be “you’re an idiot”, not “your an idiot”. Watch out, or John Kerry will send you to Irak.

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