—Even “More News” of Judas?

Continuing our commentary on the “Judas” document:

In the comments from National Geographic: Gospel of Judas Pages Endured Long, Strange Journey, we find:

“We can consider it a real miracle [my emphasis] that [such an ancient literary work]—especially one threatened by the hatred of the great majority of its contemporary readers, who saw it as a shame and a scandal, destined to be lost … would suddenly appear and be brought to light,” said scholar Rodolphe Kasser.

But early Christians and their doctrines and teachings endured the concerted and ongoing efforts of the most powerful empire ever seen on the Earth up to that time to destroy them. How many ancient copies of the Greek texts of the New Testament are available to us [http://www.greekbible.com/]? How many current copies of the Bible are there, in how many languages?
It is a salient fact about the “Judas” document that its contemporaries endured its “loss”, while the legitimate, Inspired Christian Gospels and Letters live on without interruption.

NG’s “news” story goes on to embellish this collective hallucination of the 2nd Century Cainite cult as one of the “diverse beliefs”, or “alternative theological views” to the ”more structured faith based on the New Testament Gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.” That the sole surviing ancient copy of these lunatic gnostic ravings [So, read them yourself, if you don’t believe me: http://www9.nationalgeographic.com/lostgospel/document.html] more closely resembles a modern Scientology tract (so, sue me…oops.) than any bone fide Old or New Testament teaching doesn’t seem to have infiltrated the cocoon of sensationalized melodrama which has engulfed these “researchers’” point of view.


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