—Anti-Bush riots in Pakistan, Simpsons “Unconstitutional”?, NASA Budget

American flag sales to Pakistan Soar!
FOXNews.com [AP] – U.S. & World News – More Than 10,000 Protest Bush’s Arrival Across Pakistan
It would be more newsworthy if there were no protests when a U.S. President went somewhere abroad.

Ok, let’s see….
FOXNews.com [AP] – U.S. & World News – Study: More Know ‘Simpsons’ Than Constitution
…there’s Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Santa’s Little Helper, Flanders the neighbor, the drunk and the bartender whose names I don’t remember, Crusty the Clown, Sideshow Bob. Oh who cares, anyway.
On the other hand, there’s Religion, Assembly, Press, and various other rights that have been treated dismissively by the legislature or systematically vacated by the judiciary in any case. Who cares, anyway? At least the Simpsons is usually sort of entertaining….

NASA sets budget priorities
New Scientist SPACE – Breaking News – Top US scientists fight for NASA science budget
Space scientists complain about loss of funding for various research and analysis grants versus high-profile projects like the Webb and Hubble telescopes. Manned spaceflight continues to dominate NASA priorities, with such stunning achievements as “SuitSat” and improved video of foam chunks raining down on Shuttles. Nobody knows why to explore space, let alone how.

Moe and Barney! That’s it! ..and I forgot all about Burns, Smithers, Apu….


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