—China Admits Another H5N1 Death, Last Named Storm of 2005, NBC Presents “Book of Daniel”

China Admits Third Human H5N1 Death [FOXNews.com/AP ]
China has admitted its third human fatality from the avian influenza. It is not clear how the woman who died contracted the disease, since there have been no animal or human cases in the area where she lived.

Finally—the Last Named Storm of 2005 [FOXNews.com/AP]
The National Hurricane Center announced yet another named tropical storm—Zeta— on Friday, December 30. 2005 was a really long year. While the New Year is more or less a formality, at least we can roll the counters back to zero, start over at the beginning of the alphabet, and feel a little better for a while.

NBC Presents “Book of Daniel” [Yahoo News]
[World Net Daily]
I won’t be able to stay awake if I have to actually repeat the synopsis of this upcoming TV offering. Ok, it’s something about an drug-using Episcopal priest surrounded by co-workers and family members who are all homosexual drug-using sex addicts, or something. The actor who would be playing the lead role, responding to the horrified reactions of Christian and family groups, protested that ‘Book of Daniel’ is a ‘wholesome show’.
“I can’t tell you how many people have said to me, `Hey, that sounds like my family'”, said the actor.
The American Family Association has launched a boycott effort. Here is the text of the AFA petition.
Sounds about like the average TV network programmers’ level of understanding—Who better than a homosexual former Catholic dabbling in Buddhism to develop a TV series about modern Christian family life?


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