—French Riots On the Decline, Avian Influenza “Out of Control” in China

Violent French Rioting Continues to Subside [FOXNews.com/AP]
The Burning-Car-O-Meter has declined from 374 to 284 overnight, down from 1400 a week ago. Torchings of schools, hospitals, and helpless invalids are apparently also steadily declining. French officials continue to hopefully predict the end of the violence.
It is probably a measure of the political sentiment of the times that recent AP coverage of the massive, destructive riots has ceased all mention of the word “Muslim” in association with events in France.

H5N1 Outbreak “Out of Control” in China [ New Scientist ]
China reports (for a change) several uncontained outbreaks of the deadly influenza strain in Liaoning province, including several possible human cases. The Chinese government warns of a “disaster”, aggravated by the use of defective, or even counterfeit, vaccines in poultry.
Elsewhere, a wild flamingo found dead in Kuwait has been confirmed to have died of the H5N1 strain, and two new human cases have been reported in Viet Nam.


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