—The Bar at the Center of the Galaxy, Bolton Goes to Work, More on Menezes Shooting, NASA RTF Criticized, and other stories

Bolton gets to work—UN funding of Palestinian Anti-Israeli Propaganda “Unacceptable” [New York Sun][found on BlogsNow]
Mean, disrespectful new U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, called use of UN money for Palestinian anti-Israeli propaganda “inappropriate and unacceptable” . UN development funds were used for items with the slogan “Today Gaza, Tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem” , which also bore the logo of the UN development agency. UN officials responded that they “are taking this matter seriously.”

“Zotob” virus attacks[FOXNews.com]
[FOXNews.com] [New Scientist] Symantec Security Response – W32.Zotob.E
A new worm has been unleashed, an exploit of a buffer overflow fault in the MS Windows 2000 Plug and Play OS. It does the old massive, near-random IP address search which brings local networks to a standstill, among other things. It managed to mess up numerous improperly patched corporate systems, including US Customs, at one point.

More on Menezes’ shooting[FOXNews.com]
Not only was most of what the London police said about Jean Charles de Menezes’ behavior fraught with prevarication, but it appears now that he was already physically restrained—pinned to his train seat by another officer—when the police shot him seven times in the head. He not only wasn’t running from police when he entered the station as was reported, but even stopped for a free newspaper as he approached the train. If the War on Terror becomes a war of mindless terror versus senseless brutality, I’m not seeing as much of a point to it as I might have hoped.

Coretta Scott King suffers a stroke[FOXNews.com]
The widow of Marin Luther King seems to be recovering after suffering a stroke.

Shuttle Return to Flight Task Group members criticize NASA’s RTF performance [Spaceflight Now ]
[FOXNews.com ] [MSNBC.com]
NASA Return to Flight Task Group Final Report Issued [SpaceRef ]
NASA Return to Flight Task Group Final Report: Annex A.2 Individual Member Observations [SpaceRef ]
A subset of the members of the “Stafford-Covey” RTF group were harshly critical of NASA’s performance in addressing the safety and management issues which lead to the Columbia disaster. The next shuttle mission will be delayed by the uncorrected debris damage risks until at least March 2006.

Google ponders free WiFi[Business 2.0][found on BlogsNow]
Google is thinking about providing free wireless Internet service to the entire U.S….“free” being a relative term, since the service would be advertising-driven. After all, it worked so well for television….

Computers for the poor and illiterate [Gizmag][found on BlogsNow]
“PCtvt”, in development at Carnegie Mellon University, would provide inexpensive access to a combination PC, TV, Video and Telephone system for users in impoverished and remote areas. The goal of the project is an interface which can be learned even by illiterate users in one minute or less.

Spitzer Space Telescope shows “bar” at the center of the galaxy [ University of Wisconsin ]
No, this isn’t something written by Douglas Adams. A star survey suggests that the “Milky Way” has a prominent “bar” of stars across its center, about 27,000 light years long.
Is it too late to get another name for our galaxy? “Milky Way” sounds like a colossal spill, or candy, or something. If we ever meet life from other galaxies, it’s going to be really embarrassing to have to tell them what we call this one. Work on it, guys.

Pat Robertson Says Stuff…[FOXNews.com]
…again, as usual, almost as much an embarrassment to the Faith as the Southern Baptist Convention. Robertson’s copy of the Bible is evidently a few chapters shorter than most.

Isaiah 29
13 The Lord says:
“These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips,
but their hearts are far from me.
Their worship of me is made up only of rules taught by men.


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