—Shuttle Safe, Iran Reopens Uranium Plant, Pakistan’s New Missle, Anglos a Minority in Texas

Shuttle Down & Safe[FOXNews.com]
The first Shuttle flight since the destruction of Discovery safely touched down at Edwards AFB. Now we can try to think about something else as the real threats gradually make a comeback—arrogance, complacency, that old can’t-fail, what’s-your-problem-we-got-away-with-it spirit….

Iran Removes UN Seals from Uranium Processing Plant[CNN.com]
Iran has removed the seals of the UN’s atomic monitoring agency at the Isfahan uranium ore processing plant, with the intent to resume full operation at the plant. Iranian officials issued thinly veiled threats of rising oil prices and increased tensions in other flashpoints such as Iraq, if other countries attempt to control their nuclear activities by “coercive” measures. UN monitoring personnel were in the plant as the seals were removed.

Pakistan Test-fires New Cruise Missile[FOXNews.com]
Things are looking up all around the world, as Pakistan has test-fired a new nuclear-capable cruise missle with a 310-mile range.

Anlgos Officially a Minority in Texas[FOXNews.com]
The U.S. Census Bureau has announced its finding that, per the 2000 census figures, Anglos are now a minority in the U.S. state of Texas, with Hispanics now the largest ethnic group in the state.


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